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2017 (39) Heft 2
Evaluating Societies Morally?
  • Vittorio Hösle: How Should One Evaluate the Soviet Revolution?
  • George Crowder: The Philosophy of History: A Value-pluralist Response
  • Uchenna Okeja: Evaluating Societies Morally: The Case of Development and ‘Developing’ Societies
  • Walter Pfannkuche: Strategies for the Justification of Law
  • Amanda R. Greene: Legitimacy without Liberalism: A Defense of Max Weber’s Standard of Political Legitimacy
  • Heiner Meulemann: The Secularization Theory—Not Disconfirmed, Yet Rarely Tested
  • Thomas Schwinn: Paths to Modernity and the Secularization Issue
  • Julian Culp: What Can we Learn from ‘Postmodern’ Critiques of Education for Autonomy?
  • Jan Narveson: ‘Property-Owning Democracy’? ‘Liberal Socialism’? Or Just Plain Capitalism?
  • Jeppe von Platz: Democratic Rights and the Choice of Economic Systems
  • Alan Thomas: The Demands of Democratic Ownership

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