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2000 (22) Issue 2

Basic Income?
Symposium on P. Van Parijs, "Real Freedom for All"


Guest-Editor: Angelika Krebs

Table of Contents | Abstracts

Angelika Krebs
Why Mothers Should Be Fed. Eine Kritik an Van Parijs

Abstract | Download (3'979 KB)


Heiner Michel
Sind Marktpreise gerecht? Eine Kritik am Van Parijsschen Ökonomismus

Abstract | Download (3'143 KB)


Richard Sturn / Rudi Dujmovits
Basic Income in Complex Worlds. Individual Freedom and Social Interdependencies

Abstract | Download (265 KB)


Søren Flinch Midtgaard
Ambition-Sensitivity and an Unconditional Basic Income

Abstract | Download (2'249 KB)


Jurgen De Wispelaere
Sharing Job Resources. Ethical Reflections on the Justification of Basic Income

Abstract | Download (3'222 KB)


Ulrich Steinvorth
Kann das Grundeinkommen die Arbeitslosigkeit abbauen?

Abstract | Download (1'875 KB)



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