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2001 (23) Issue 2

Making Choices in Organ Allocation


Guest-Editors: Marlies Ahlert / Hartmut Kliemt

Table of Contents | Abstracts

1. Introduction

Hartmut Kliemt
Organtransplantation im Eurotransplantverbund. Geschichtliche, medizinische und organisatorische Aspekte

Abstract | Download (3'576 KB)


2. Theoretical and Programmatical Perspectives on Organ Allocation

Marlies Ahlert / Gundolf Gubernatis / Hartmut Kliemt
Kidney Allocation in Eurotransplant. A Systematic Account of the Wujciak-Opelz Algorithm

Abstract | Download (2'500 KB)


Matthias Hild
Fair Kidney Allocation Based on Waiting Time

Abstract | Download (2'455 KB)


3. On the Evolution of the Organ Allocation Algorithm

Marlies Ahlert / Hartmut Kliemt
A Lexicographic Decision Rule With Tolerances. The Example of Rule Choice in Organ Allocation

Abstract | Download (1'742 KB)


Werner Güth / Hartmut Kliemt / Thomas Wujciak
Hard Choices Softened Locally. Enacting New Rules for Organ Allocation

Abstract | Download (2'312 KB)


4. Empirical Findings on Value Judgements Concerning Organ Allocation

Marlies Ahlert / Gundolf Gubernatis / Ronny Klein
Common Sense in Organ Allocation

Abstract | Download (2'520 KB)


Adele Diederich
A Rational Reconstruction of Expert Judgements in Organ Allocation. A Conjoint Measurement Approach

Abstract | Download (1'662 KB)


Marlies Ahlert
Patterns of Decision Making in Kidney Allocation

Abstract | Download (1'203 KB)


5. Further Thoughts and Comments

Georg Marckmann
The Eurotransplant Kidney Allocation Agorithm Moral Consensus or Prgamatic Compromise?

Abstract | Download (1'362 KB)


Axel Ockenfels / Joachim Weimann
The Supply Side of Organ Allocation

Abstract | Download (800 KB)


Thomas Schmidt
Distributive Justice in Kidney Allocation

Abstract | Download (1'799 KB)



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