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2004 (26) Issue 1

Trust and Community on the Internet. Opportunities and Restrictions for Online Cooperation


Guest-Editors: Bernd Lahno / Uwe Matzat

Table of Contents | From the Editors | Abstracts

1. Concepts and Backgrounds

Henk de Vos
Community and Human Social Nature in Contemporary Society

Abstract | Download (208 KB)


Bernd Lahno
Three Aspects of Interpersonal Trust

Abstract | Download (238 KB)


Hans-Werner Bierhoff / Bernd Vornefeld
The Social Psychology of Trust with Applications in the Internet

Abstract | Download (162 KB)


Uwe Matzat
Cooperation and Community on the Internet: Past Issues and Present Perspectives for Theoretical-Empirical Internet Research

Abstract | Download (215 KB)


2. The Internet as an Environment for Trust

Victoria McGeer
Developing Trust on the Internet

Abstract | Download (174 KB)


Philip Pettit
Trust, Reliance and the Internet

Abstract | Download (151 KB)


Russell Hardin
Internet Capital

Abstract | Download (200 KB)


Geoffrey Brennan / Philip Pettit
Esteem, Identifiability and the Internet

Abstract | Download (206 KB)


3. Reputation and Online Auctions

Chris Snijders / Richard Zijdeman
Reputation and Internet Auctions: eBay and Beyond

Abstract | Download (244 KB)


Gary E. Bolton / Elena Katok / Axel Ockenfels
Trust among Internet Traders: A Behavioral Economics Approach

Abstract | Download (255 KB)


Werner Güth / Hartmut Kliemt
The Evolution of Trust(worthiness)in the Net

Abstract | Download (186 KB)


4. Groups and Networks

Coye Cheshire / Karen S. Cook
The Emergence of Trust Networks under Uncertainty - Implications for Internet

Abstract | Download (233 KB)


Anabel Quan-Haase / Barry Wellman
Local Virtuality in a High-Tech Networked Organization

Abstract | Download (196 KB)


Andreas Flache
How May Virtual Communication Shape Cooperation in a Work Team? A Formal Model Based on Social Exchange Theory

Abstract | Download (264 KB)


Margit Osterloh / Sandra Rota
Trust and Community in Open Source Software Production

Abstract | Download (234 KB)


5. Law and the Internet

Eric Hilgendorf
Crime, Law and the Internet

Abstract | Download (153 KB)


Geoffrey Brennan / Rodgers & Hammerstein
Internet Hymn




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