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2007 (29) Issue 1

Mind and Economy: Methodological Problems of Neuroeconomics


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Andrew Brook / Pete Mandik
The Philosophy and Neuroscience Movement

Abstract | Download (492 KB)


Michael Pauen
Neuroökonomie Grundlagen und Grenzen

Abstract | Download (323 KB)


Ralph Schumacher
The Brain Is Not Enough. Potentials and Limits in Integrating Neuroscience and Pedagogy

Abstract | Download (312 KB)


Jang Woo Park / Paul J. Zak
Neuroeconomics Studies

Abstract | Download (290 KB)


Bernhard Neumärker
Neuroeconomics and the Logic of Behavior

Abstract | Download (474 KB)


Daniel Houser / Daniel Schunk / Erte Xiao
Combining Brain and Behavioral Data to Improve Econometric Policy Analysis

Abstract | Download (473 KB)


Shu-Chen Li / Guido Biele / Peter N. C. Mohr / Hauke R. Heekeren
Aging and Neuroeconomics: Insights from Research on Neuromodulation of Reward-based Decision Making

Abstract | Download (1'003 KB)



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