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2007 (29) Issue 2

Perspectives on Social Choice


Guest-Editor: Marlies Ahlert

Table of Contents | From the Editors | Abstracts

Marlies Ahlert
Aspiration Balancing Agreements: A New Axiomatic Approach to Bounded Rationality in Negotiations

Abstract | Download (1'131 KB)


Nicholas Baigent
Choice, Norms and Revealed Preference

Abstract | Download (269 KB)


Salvador Barberà
Indifferences and Domain Restrictions

Abstract | Download (398 KB)


Walter Bossert / Kotaro Suzumura
Non-deteriorating Choice without Full Transitivity

Abstract | Download (399 KB)


Friedrich Breyer / Hartmut Kliemt
The Shortage of Human Organs: Causes, Consequences and Remedies

Abstract | Download (412 KB)


Wolfgang Eichhorn / Manfred Krtscha
Multivariate Lorenz Ma jorization and Heterogeneity Measures: An Axiomatic Approach

Abstract | Download (242 KB)


Marc Fleurbaey
Living Standards and Capabilities: Equal Values or Equal Sets?

Abstract | Download (380 KB)


Dorothea Herreiner / Clemens Puppe
Distributing Indivisible Goods Fairly: Evidence from a Questionnaire Study

Abstract | Download (611 KB)


Eliora van der Hout / Jack Stecher / Harrie de Swart
A Critical Discussion of the Characteristic Properties of List PR and FPTP Systems

Abstract | Download (293 KB)


Jochen Jungeilges
On Chaotic Consistent Expectations Equilibria

Abstract | Download (512 KB)


Prasanta K. Pattanaik / Yongsheng Xu
On Measuring Personal Connections and the Extent of Social Networks

Abstract | Download (392 KB)


Ashley Piggins / Maurice Salles
Instances of Indeterminacy

Abstract | Download (450 KB)


Yongsheng Xu
Norm-Constrained Choices

Abstract | Download (330 KB)



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