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2010 (32) Issue 1

Climate Change, Risk and Responsibility


Guest-Editor: Friedrich Breyer

Table of Contents | From the Editors | Abstracts

Gerd Ganteför
A Provocative Thesis: Oil, Gas, Coal and Uranium Are Indispensable Energy Sources for the Poor Countries

Abstract | Download (520 KB)


Dieter Birnbacher
Climate Responsibility as a Distributional Issue

Abstract | Download (157 KB)


Peter Rinderle
Climate Justice. A Contractualist Perspective

Abstract | Download (265 KB)


Alexa Zellentin
Climate Migration. Cultural Aspects of Climate Change

Abstract | Download (255 KB)


Gregor Betz
What's the Worst Case? The Methodology of Possibilistic Prediction

Abstract | Download (509 KB)


Rafaela Hillerbrand
On Non-Propositional Aspects in Modelling Complex Systems

Abstract | Download (210 KB)


Axel Franzen / Dominikus Vogl
Social Reactions to the Climate Debate in Germany and Switzerland

Abstract | Download (832 KB)


Ulf Liebe
Different Routes to Explain Pro-Environmental Behavior: an Overview and Assessment

Abstract | Download (279 KB)


Till Requate
Climate Policy between Activism and Rationalism

Abstract | Download (328 KB)


Miranda Schreurs
Climate Change Politics in the United States: Melting of the Ice

Abstract | Download (205 KB)



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