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2011 (33) Issue 1

Work and Cooperation


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On the Logic and Ethics of Cooperation

Anton Leist
Potentials of Cooperation

Abstract | Download (575 KB)


Hans Bernhard Schmid
The Idiocy of Strategic Reasoning. Towards an Account of Consensual Action

Abstract | Download (322 KB)


Fabian Schuppert
Comment on Hans Bernhard Schmid: Coordination, Cooperation and the Origin of Normative Expectations

Abstract | Download (244 KB)


Raimo Tuomela
Cooperation as Joint Action

Abstract | Download (206 KB)


Cedric Paternotte
Comment on Raimo Tuomela: Joint Action: How Rational? How Irreducible?

Abstract | Download (256 KB)


Andrew Lister
Justice as Fairness and Reciprocity

Abstract | Download (230 KB)


Ivo Wallimann-Helmer
Comment on Andrew Lister: Just Distribution(s) for Mutual Recognition

Abstract | Download (148 KB)


Robert Myers
Cooperating to Promote the Good

Abstract | Download (292 KB)


Anton Leist
Comment on Robert H. Myers: Finding Out What is Substantive in Cooperation

Abstract | Download (135 KB)


Robert Myers
Reply to Anton Leist: Keeping Constructivism in Its Place

Abstract | Download (106 KB)


Cooperation and Effciency in Economic Contexts

Ramon Flecha / Ignacio Santa Cruz
Cooperation for Economic Success: The Mondragon Case

Abstract | Download (182 KB)


David Ellerman
Comment on Ramon Flecha and Ignacio Santa Cruz: The Priority of Labor and Capital Accounts

Abstract | Download (118 KB)


Sonja Dänzer
Are Multinational Companies Responsible for Working Conditions in Their Supply Chains? From Intuition to Argument

Abstract | Download (226 KB)


Mark Starmanns
Comment on Sonja Dänzer: Structural Injustice in Global Production Networks: Shared Responsibility for Working Conditions

Abstract | Download (496 KB)


Winfried Ruigrok
From Niche to Mass Markets: Rival Strategies in Promoting Fair Trade Organic Commodity Chains

Abstract | Download (213 KB)


Hermann Kocyba
Recognition, Cooperation and the Moral Presuppositions of Capitalist Organization of Work

Abstract | Download (206 KB)


Christoph Henning
Comment on Hermann Kocyba: The Regime of Esteem, or Recognition as Affirmation

Abstract | Download (158 KB)


Fairness and Cooperation in Experimental Research

Lorenzo Sacconi / Marco Faillo / Stefania Ottone
Contractarian Compliance and the 'Sense of Justice': A Behavioral Conformity Model and Its Experimental Support

Abstract | Download (435 KB)


David Copp
Comment on Lorenzo Sacconi, Marco Faillo and Stefania Ottone: Contractarian Compliance, Welfarist Justice, and Conformist Utility

Abstract | Download (131 KB)


Johannes Abeler / Steffen Altmann / Sebastian J. Goerg / Sebastian Kube / Matthias Wibral
Equity and Efficiency in Multi-Worker Firms: Insights from Experimental Economics

Abstract | Download (468 KB)


Julian Culp / Heiner Schumacher
Reciprocity in Economic Games

Abstract | Download (222 KB)



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