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2012 (34) Issue 2

Social Epistemology


Table of Contents | From the Editors | Abstracts

Caitlin A. Cole / Paul L. Harris / Melissa A. Koenig
Entitled to Trust? Philosophical Frameworks and Evidence from Children

Abstract | Download (196 KB)


Karen Jones / François Schroeter
Moral Expertise

Abstract | Download (164 KB)


Alison Hills
Comment on Karen Jones and François Schroeter

Abstract | Download (103 KB)


Dieter Birnbacher
Can There Be Such a Thing as Ethical Expertise?

Abstract | Download (154 KB)


Tobias Steinig
Experts, Teachers and Their Epistemic Roles in Normative and Non-normative Domains

Abstract | Download (262 KB)


Frank Dietrich
Moral Expertise and Democratic Legitimacy

Abstract | Download (170 KB)


Michael Baurmann
A Sociological Speculation about Law and Ethics

Abstract | Download (180 KB)


Martin Hoffmann
How to Identify Moral Experts? An Application of Goldman’s Criteria for Expert Identification to the Domain of Morality

Abstract | Download (205 KB)


Bernd Lahno
Simple Games of Information Transmission

Abstract | Download (1'350 KB)


Paul D. Thorn / Gerhard Schurz
Meta-Induction and the Wisdom of Crowds

Abstract | Download (477 KB)


Comments on Paul D. Thorn and Gerhard Schurz

Christian J. Feldbacher
Meta-Induction and the Wisdom of Crowds

Abstract | Download (433 KB)


Carlo Martini
Applying Formal Social Epistemology to the Real World

Abstract | Download (292 KB)


Jan-Willem Romeijn / Tom Sterkenburg / Peter Grünwald
Good Listeners, Wise Crowds, and Parasitic Experts

Abstract | Download (198 KB)



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