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Selection of author symposia

Ernst Fehr
Ernst Fehr on Human Altruism. An Interdisciplinary Debate (2005 (27) Issue 1)

Philippe Van Parijs
Basic Income? Symposium on P. Van Parijs, "Real Freedom for All" (2000 (22) Issue 2) and
Symposium on P. Van Parij's "Real Freedom for All" (2001 (23) Heft 1)

Peter Singer
Euthanasie heute - Thema oder Tabu? (1990 (12) Issue 2, with discussion)

Alasdair MacIntyre
Symposium über Alasdair MacIntyres, "After Virtue" (1984 (6) Issue 1)
Kai Nielsen: Cultural Pessimism and the Setting aside of Marxism (1985 (7) Issue 1)
Gerard Doppelt: Modernity and Conflict (1985 (7) Issue 2)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Rights, Practices and Marxism: Reply to Six Critics (1985 (7) Issue 2)
Alan Gewirth: A Brief Rejoinder (1985 (7) Issue 2)

Gerald A. Cohen
G. A. Cohens materialist theory of history (1982 (4) Issue 2)
Gerald A. Cohen: Reply to Four Critics (1983 (5) Heft 2)
Philippe Van Parijs: The Shifting Primacy Puzzle. A Rejoinder (1983 (5) Issue 2)

Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty: Zur Lage der Gegenwartsphilosophie in den USA (1981 (3) Issue 1)
Jonathan Bennet: Wisdom and Analytical Philosophy (1982 (4) Issue 1)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Philosophy and its History (1982 (4) Issue 1)
Jay F. Rosenberg: Philosophy's Self-Image (1982 (4) Issue 1)
Robert G. Turnbull: Richard Rorty and the American Philosophical Scene (1982 (4) Issue 2)
Alan Montefiore: Richard Rorty - Two Philosophers or one? (1983 (5) Issue 1)
Wolfgang R. Köhler: Der intersubjektive Faktor (1983 (5) Issue 1)
Richard Rorty: A Reply to Six Critics (1984 (6) Issue 1)



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